Aerial East Releases Beautiful Cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’

Credit: Brianna Capozzi

Aerial East has recently shared her stunning new cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” The track is available to stream on all major streaming platforms now!

Aerial’s angelic voice will put you in an instant trance that will be difficult to snap out of. Her cover of “Running Up That Hill” is a simple yet beautiful piece that will leave you craving for more. Her vocals flow alongside the piano so wonderfully that it is engrossing. Once the song comes to the end, you’ll find yourself playing it over and over again.

When talking about the cover, the songstress says;

I’ve been a huge Kate Bush fan since my late teens/early twenties when her ‘Wuthering Heights’ videos sent me down a never-ending Kate Bush rabbit hole. That song has been a karaoke go-to for me for years and ‘Hounds of Love’ is one of my favorite records ever. I put it on when I am sad, and it does a lot of joyful heavy lifting for me.

One day when I was walking to the train thinking about the record I was making and its themes, I had the idea to cover ‘Running Up That Hill’. It just kind of hit me how relevant that song is to everything I was thinking and writing about.  FKA Twigs’ ‘Cellophane’ video had just come out, so that track was really on my mind when producing the song, as well as Okay Kaya’s ‘Both’ and the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir. I love how it came out and I think everyone can relate to wanting to trade places with another person to feel what they feel and let them feel what you feel.”

Her music explores all of our deeper feelings. The space between our conscious and unconscious mind. The space that we like to keep locked up. When listening to Aerial East, it will open up wounds from adolescence, heartbreak, and everything in-between. It will allow you to deal with these emotions in a healthy way and no longer keep them bottled up. It’s somewhat therapeutic. Try listening to her whilst meditating – you won’t regret it!

“Running Up That Hill” has been released ahead of her upcoming album which is due to be released in 2021. For more updates on future releases, be sure to follow Aerial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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