Skyler Cocco Releases New Single ‘The Drive’

Today (25th September) sees the brand-new release by Skyler Cocco. The singer drops her highly addictive track “The Drive” – which is now available to stream on Spotify!

Skyler Cocco is an extremely talented artist from New York. Her vocals are so flawless, you’ll get lost in every lyric being sung. “The Drive” is a combination of dreamy sounds and production, and insanely catchy lyrics.

When talking about the inspiration behind the track, Skyler says;

I wrote ‘The Drive’ to reflect on a time where I’ve said things I didn’t mean to my partner or lashed out in a way that made them feel insecure in the relationship. It’s the cool-down period after a fight, where you take some space to really let your own words resonate and see where you were wrong in a situation, and realise what you’re putting at stake by not changing those behaviours. I really wanted to write a love song that felt vulnerable and showed my true intentions, that I can hold myself accountable and change for someone who I wouldn’t want to live without.

“The Drive” is a rather raw single that is sure to resonate with a lot of listeners. The best songs out there are the ones that you can relate to the most. It’s important for artists and musicians to show a vulnerable side to themselves within their music, so others can connect with it on a deeper, personal level. Skyler does this so wonderfully.

We can’t wait to hear what else Skyler Cocco has in store! You’ll be hooked from the moment you press play. Be sure to show your support by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a singer that needs to be in your life!

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