Hongza Releases New Track ‘December’

Newcomer from North London Hongza has just dropped his brand-new single titled “December.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“December” was released a few weeks ago and it has one of the most soothing sounds you will ever hear in a song. It’s the perfect song to just sit down and appreciate it’s existence. You just have to add it to your relaxation playlist. The lyric video to “December” can be found below;

The track follows Hongza’s debut single “Gone.” It has been described as the sister song to his last single as it was written so close together. When speaking of the track, Hongza says;

“December came the day after I wrote Gone as an extension of my heartbreak at the time.It’s about the initial stages of a breakup where you feel like you’re going insane & all youwant to do is talk to the person that is now out of your life. The stupid decision you made after day 1 of the break up has ruined that great relationship you had. I guess it’s an I’m sorry song. ”

It is a song involving heartbreak, but it’s done so gently you’ll become obsessed with the sadness. Hongza may be at the beginnings of his career, but we can tell that he has so much potential and we’ll look forward to hearing what else he has in store.

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