Francesca Louise Drops Debut EP ‘Melancholic Antidote’

London based singer-songwriter Francesca Louise has just released her debut EP titled “Melancholic Antidote.” The six track EP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Francesca Louise combines folk and pop with influences from Billie Marten, Lucy Rose, and Fleetwood Mac. Whilst Francesca is inspired by these incredible artists in the industry, she is still able to make her sound her own. She is able to channel her emotions within her lyrics and can perfectly execute the story she is telling within her craft.

“Melancholic Antidote” is a jam-packed EP filled with stories of Francesca’s personal experiences. It deals with topics such as  love, career, family, and goals – themes which will resonate with anyone who will be listening.

When talking about the EP, Francesca Louise says;

“The release of Melancholic Antidote is a nerve-wrecking concept to me, but I anticipate a feeling of self-release and acceptance of all the events/moments I have written about to create what is now my first official EP release. I am giving my whole self to the listener with this record, and though some may appreciate that and enjoy the music, I really hope that this extends to them finding solace and comfort in all that I have created. I hope that my music stays with people and finds its way within everyone else’s lives, as well as my own.”

Everyone loves listening to songs that will sit with us for the rest of our lives. Songs that just get exactly what we’re going through. You’re bound to find some comfort in at least one of this collection of fabulous tracks.

Make sure you show further support by following Francesca Louise on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let her know your thoughts on “Melancholic Antidote.” The full tracklist can be found below;


  1. Out of Sight (Out of Mind)
  2. Melancholy Antidote
  3. If I’m Wrong
  4. Ride the Waters
  5. Seasons Change
  6. You Don’t Love Me Now – Acoustic

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