Francesca Louise Releases Stunning New Single ‘Second Time’

Indie/folk singer-songwriter, Francesca Louise, has released an incredibly beautiful new single titled “Second Time.”

The stunning songstress has vocals like no other. She is absolutely pitch perfect as she touches on her personal life through relatable and comforting lyrics. Her voice flows peacefully from the moment you press play, to the very end. It will captivate you so much, that you will forget that you are evening listening to something so beautiful, you’ll have to start the track again just so you can go through that entire experience a second, third, and forth time.

“Second Time” is all about not losing faith, and realising the end doesn’t have to literally mean “the end,” but rather “not now.” There will always be a second time. The singer explains;

“The characters in this particular story are fictional, but the concept and the events that I’m talking about happen to us all. Of course I metaphorically describe this in love, but it could be portrayed as many other aspects of life, career, family, friends, personal life goals. “It lends itself to the security and privacy of your own safe space and encourages you to find comfort in the lyrics.

Back in 2020, Francesca Louise released her incredible debut EP “Melancholic Antidote” – which featured six tracks, one just as wonderful as the next. Amongst that time as well as since, she has had radio play across various different independent radio stations, has been featured in a variety of magazines, and podcasts in the US who continue to support her career. Her songwriting ability is slowly but surely enchanting all music lovers from across the globe.

“Second Time” can be found on Spotify, and to show further support, be sure to follow Francesca Louise over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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