REVIEW: Aidan Tullochs’ New EP ‘Somewhere Without Lights’

20-year-old Aidan Tulloch has recently released his brand-new EP “Somewhere Without Lights.” This incredible collection of songs are now available to listen to on Spotify.

The five-track EP starts off strong with “Milk and Orange Juice.” Aidans’ deep and mesmerising vocals, mixed with catchy electronic drops, and even a wonderful violin instrumental, make the perfect combination for this masterpiece.

“Goalposts” follows, adding more of a fun and upbeat feel to the EP. It will take you back to the time where we were actually allowed out of the house to attend festivals! It has that nostalgic feel to it that will give you flashbacks to your late teens, where life was more simple.

We’re then treated to “Santa Susanna” which is certainly an interesting track. It’s just Aidan and a piano. The only way that this song can be described is “homemade.” It’s so pure and simple that it’s genius.

The sound then picks up again with “Song for Armageddon.” An easy listen-to, followed by a song that will get you on your feet, singing at the top of your lungs, seems to be the theme of this EP. Incredible tactic we’re seeing here from Aidan as the listeners will be kept on their toes.

Finally, the song that inspired the title of the EP “Somewhere Without Lights.” This is a beautiful way to end the EP. The track relaxes you and allows you to take in what you just heard. The calm after the storm if you will

Not only were the songs absolutely extraordinary, but the way the songs were laid out and blended together was just remarkable. When speaking about his passion for music, Aidan said;

“As a fan, I’ve noticed the beautiful effect that music can have on people in terms of euphoria, comfort, intensity, and depth. I’m at a stage now where I want to create that for other people. Sometimes everything just seems banal, stagnant, stuck, and I want to create musical and poetic environments to feel released from that.”

 After listening to Somewhere Without Lights,” we’re excited to see what else Aidan Tulloch has in store. It’s a name to look out for. Be sure to follow his Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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