The Venus in Scorpio Release New Single ‘Roam’

The Venus in Scorpio have just released their brand-new single “Roam.” You can now listen to the track on Spotify.

Berlin-based ‘The Venus in Scorpio’ have truly showcased what they are all about in their new single ‘Roam’. The face behind the genius is Maxim Faster, who specialises in song writing and production. With a fascinating combination of genres, The Venus in Scorpio has a unique sound that we didn’t know we needed. But now we’ve heard it, we’re wishing we had found it sooner.

One thing to admire about The Venus in Scorpio is the pure originality that they have been open an honest enough to share with us. Identifying as agender, sex positive and queer, they describe themselves as ‘mysterious and moody they next door’. We feel this gives a great message to those who are coming to terms with who they are.

Roam gives us a sense of being trapped. Physically needing a reason to let go of what we know and take a chance on adventure. You can hear the desperation in their lyrics – the wanting of escape. Sometimes this feeling is related to the physical, and fearing that there is more out there to explore. Sometimes it can feel like you’re trapped in your own mind. Either way, it helps us to believe that one day there’s a get-out plan.

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