Sleepwoka Releases New Single ‘How I Was Wrong’

Sleepwoka has recently released his incredible new single “How Was I Wrong”. You can now go check this out over on Spotify!

The track focusses on the notion that in our youth, we believe that our best years are yet to come. But is this true? Sleepwoka challenges the fact what we think is important and what is actually true. It’s an interesting concept – one you don’t see discussed much within the music industry. The singer was able to make this interesting point with synths that are sure to send you back to the 80s. We all love a nostalgic vibe.

When speaking of the track, he says;

“When we were younger, we always felt that the best times were always ahead of us and that we would be the kings of this life! As the years go by, and we begin to achieve our life goals, we realise that those carefree times were actually the years where we felt most free and alive. Although we had nothing, somehow life felt more Authentic.” 

This year, the world has come to a standstill. But for others, they saw it as an opportunity to better themselves and to work on projects that they’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. This was certainly the case for Sleepwoka. He has taken this opportunity to record, write songs, host live stream gigs, and film music videos.

He’s been getting his creativity flowing and we can’t wait to see what else Sleepwoka has been up to during lockdown. For more updates, be sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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