James Ethington ||| Releases ‘Becca’ From His New EP

James Ethington ||| released a beautiful EP back in June titled “Rheacycle.” The leading single from the EP “Becca” sums the sound of the EP up perfectly. Both the single and “Rheacycle” can be found on Spotify.

James has spent many years travelling around America and 2020 sees him finally release music out for the whole world to hear. “Rheacycle” has five tracks that is reminiscent of the glory days, back when we heard a lot more classic acoustic rock.

“Becca” was produced and engineered by Eric Gubala. Eric works at the notorious Beacon Hill Recording Studios – a studio that has seen some of the biggest stars in the industry including Khalid, B.o.B, and Kali Uchis.

If you’re going to give this EP a go (which you definitely should), then “Becca” is a good place to start. The song begins simple with just an acoustic guitar before James Ethington blesses our ears with his heaven-like vocals. The track picks up halfway through with drums alongside the guitar, making you want to tap your foot along with the catchy beats. It’s certainly an easy to listen to song. You can blast it out in the car, or chilling in your bedroom.

Other tracks on the album include “Art of My Life,” “Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy,” and “Looking Glass.” All are as stunning as the last. The main thing we love about the EP is the acoustics. We feel that this defines James’ sound and gives us an insight to his busking roots – reminding us not to forget where we came from.

We’re looking forward to see what else James Ethington has in store in the future. For more information, be sure to follow his Instagram for more updates.

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