REVIEW: Yojimbros Single ‘Left Hook’

So, first of all, “Yojimbros” is an excellent name for a band! The sound of their music is even better. Their single “Left Hook” is so unique, you just have to give it a listen! It’s available to stream on Spotify now.

The music video that goes alongside the track is so simplistic, yet suits the song perfectly. “Left Hook” isn’t a stereotypically catchy song, but you will find yourself humming along to it hours after you listened to it. It’s an earworm that will be living inside your head for so long, you’ll have to start charging it rent.

Yojimbros are a UK band based in Bristol. It’s difficult to specify the genre in which they fall into, just because their sound is so different from what you hear! Their sound is a cross between multiple genres including; pop, indie, funk, trip-hop, house, and rock. Having their sound fit with so many genres means that there’s something for everyone.

“Left Hook” can also be found on the bands debut EP “Protean Bars.” The EP includes three other banging tracks; “Murder, My Sweet,” “Cracked Mask,” and “Keep Out The Cold.” It’s definitely an EP worth checking out. You can find it on Apple Music here.

Yojimbros are currently working on an album and we can’t wait to hear it! Be sure to follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

What did you think of “Left Hook”? Will you be checking out the bands’ EP and upcoming album? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter – @aboutthe_noise.