Waiting For Smith Releases ‘Lines of Love’

Waiting For Smith is the stage name for the wonderful Harry Floyd. He has recently released his new single titled “Lines of Love” – which is available on Spotify now.

“Lines of Love” is a catchy little track with a highly addictive acoustic beat and relatable lyrics. Everything you’d want in a song. It will transport you back to the festivals we haven’t been able to attend this summer! Listening to it will fill that void.

The summer track is inspired by a long-distance phone call whilst walking around Kings Cross at night. It’s a plea for someone to hold on through a particularly difficult time in their life. The song is telling them to hold on and things will eventually get better. Although it focusses on a rather sad topic, Waiting For Smith is able to turn it into a lovely, captivating song.

Waiting For Smith has said that he uses the power of music as therapy. He was formerly a ski instructor who found himself in an accident and broke his back. After spending a year in bed trying to recover, he picked up a guitar and found a new talent. Now, he’s fascinated with the notion that we can all evolve and do better. He says:

ā€œIā€™m also a hopeless romantic, so a lot of my songs focus on the different angles on love.ā€

Well, we’re loving the love songs and can’t wait to hear more. For more updates, be sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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