The Miserable Rich Announce Album ‘Overcome’

The Miserable Rich have thrilled fans and listeners with their returning announced album, ‘Overcome’, releasing 2nd Feb 2024.

Fans are thrilled as the band announce their first studio album in a whopping 13 years. As well as the album announcement of ‘Overcome’, The Miserable Rich have also released glorious new single ‘Crows‘.

With a concoction of mutual support, tragedy, pizza and alcohol, it’s taken nearly a decase but we are finally here. The Brighton-based group are releasing brand new music after their previous track ‘Miss You In The Days’ all the way back on 2011.

The five-piece consists of James de Malplaquet on vocals, Jim Briffett covering guitars and piano, Will Calderbank on cello, keyboard and piano, Rhys Lovell on double bass and Martin Deering on the drums.

The interesting melody will have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head along from the start. Complete with glorious vocals and insanely clever metaphors, The Miserable Rich have done a phenomenal job of creating a really special piece of music.

When discussing the new album, James de Malplaquet said:

“Will had the idea of crows taking over the world and clearing up when humans have messed everything up and gave me the last line of the chorus to work the rest of the lyrics from. I did some research about crows and – woah – they are amazing. I decided to make it a kind of conversational style thing about exactly how amazing they are. I was visiting Sweden recently where I heard they are being trained to pick up cigarette buts, so I suppose this song is already coming true. A dark kind of hope.”

Production assistance and mastering for the new music came from Lotte Lindenberg’s Wolfgang Gottlieb. Guest appearances also include Alabaster de Pume, Jack Kendon, Dan Cartwright, and Mike Siddell covering a wide range of instruments to bring new life to the tracks below. Featured vocals also include guest spots from Jennifer Left, Kelly Barnes and Bex Fidler.

The band have also shared a sneak peak of the full track listing for the release, which one are you most looking forward to hearing?:

A1. Ballad Young Finn
A2. Crows
A3. Everything Bright and New
A5. Glue
B1. If Only
B2. Penny For
B3. Probably Will
B4. Quietly
B5. Taken
B6. We All Know

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