Our Top 5 Vault Tracks from 1989 (Taylor’s Version)!

Taylor Swift has released 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and as you are probably already aware, is available to listen to on major streaming platforms.

With potentially the strongest batch of vault tracks yet, 1989 has treated fans and listeners to 5 glorious new tracks to sink our teeth into. Grab your headphones and a glass of wine – here’s our Top 5 Vault Tracks from 1989 (Taylor’s Version)!

5.Suburban Legends

This upbeat number will have you sashaying away in the mirror in a heartbeat. It’s a belter, with glorious lyrics and smashing vocals from the songstress. Painting a picture and sharing imagery in her words, Taylor will have you day dreaming of scenarios for just under three minutes.

4.Is It Over Now?

Wondering at what time a significant other has fallen out of love with you, ‘Is It Over Now?’ is the question on many lips when it comes to grieving a relationship. Having the failed relationship plastered in the media and how this can effect a person is really something to consider in this day and age with many lives being too accessible!


From just the titled you wouldn’t expect that this would be one of the softest and classiest tracks from the vault for 1989. Filled with dreamy soundscapes and the romantic metaphors that Taylor is known for, she describes the feeling of meeting a new person and not caring for what others may think of the blossoming relationship.

2.Say Don’t Go

‘Say Don’t Go’ is a gut wrenching realisation that although you might have wanted a relationship to work, it can be clear quite early on that it’s just not meant to be. Describing the feeling of a downward spiral and coming to a heartbreaking conclusion, this song will have you in your feels from the start. It can be tricky to want someone to do anything they can to keep you, and know deep down it’s not what they want!

1.Now That We Don’t Talk

Many can relate to wanting to check in with an ex! this track is a gorgeous send off to that exact feeling, wondering what they might be saying to other people, how they are feeling and what they are up to. Regardless of how things have been left, amicable or not, it’s a question of respect whether these questions are right to be answered.

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