Loveme Release Debut Singles “Promise” and “Loom”

Photo credit: Oscar Perez

Loveme are an art-pop group who have just recently released TWO debut singles titled “Promise” and “Loom” – both of which can be streamed via all major streaming platforms now!

Both tracks will transport you into an enchanting realm that will force you to forget your daily struggles. They create a hypnotic listening experience that you will want to relive over and over again. “Promise” and “Loom” were both recorded in Loveme’s home studio and was co-produced by Font’s Anthony Laurence. It is easy to see why both tracks were released at the same time as they both pack an emotional punch that compliment each other beautifully.

When talking about the tracks, the band explain;

What inspired us to write these songs was our ability to support each other during hard times and the ambition to create art that can evoke an emotional reaction.”

A haunting music video for “Loom” was also dropped at the same time. The video is simple, yet impactful. It shows a woman walking in the woods and creates an eerie atmosphere that perfectly demonstrates the feel of the single;

The band are from Austin, TX and consist of five friends who are classically trained. Three of the members found themselves exploring harsh emotions that none of us would like to face. They found comfort in their art and are using their grief and loss to create atmospheric masterpieces. Now, they want to share that art with the rest of us.

This is a whole new chapter for Loveme! If you want to be part of their journey, then be sure to follow their INSTAGRAM!

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