Iam Tongi Shares ‘Why Kiki?

American idol winner Iam Tongi has released summery new feel good track ‘Why Kiki?’ with accompanying music video!

I am has become known to offer nothing but feel good sexy vibes, and ‘Why Kiki?’ is no exception. As we approach the end of summer, many of us are craving a song to reflect on with a chilled approach, and this is the song for you!

The release follows his debut single ‘I’ll Be Seeing You‘ which was released in early September, already amazing over 4 MILLION streams.

When discussing the new release, Iam shared:

“‘Why Kiki?’ is one of my favorite songs right now. It’s about those moments when you’re first dating a girl and she’s playing hard to get. It’s that back and forth flirtation. Those butterflies in the stomach trying to see if she’s into you or not… I guess, it could also be that feeling of that summer romance ending. It’s coy. It’s playful. It’s summer. It’s those first moments of love. I can’t lie, it’s also fun that it’s a play on Waikiki. I mean, with a song called “Why Kiki?” we had to film the video in Waikiki. So, we hit up all the famous spots and had a lot of fun with my friends and family. Hawaii is so key to who I am as an artist. It’s where I was born and it was important for me to shoot my video there to show the beauty and joy of my home and the Hawaiian people. Yessah!”

‘Why Kiki?’ will be blasted through air pods and speakers around the world, with its’ reminiscent vibe of summer and warmth. Many listeners will be longing for the memory of the hotter times in the next few months, and Iam definitely has the soundtrack for this nostalgia!

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