Lilith Merlot Shares Live Video of “Easier to Fight”

Image credit: Rona Lane Photography

Songstress Lilith Merlot has recently shared a stunning live music video of her single “Easier to Fight” – which is out now on Spotify!

“Easier to Fight” is a track from the singer’s most current EP “Shades of Blue” which was released back in May. The track tells a story of a relationship that is going through a rocky patch. Lilith is explaining that fighting is much easier than resolving the issues that they have. It’s a tender, soulful track that beautifully describes a situation that most relationships go through.

In the live video, we see Lilith express those emotions in the most lovely way possible. The simple piano melody alongside the cello showcases Lilith’s enchanting vocals to the best of it’s abilities. Her voice is simply captivating, it is impossible to not connect with the lyrics when they are being sung so wonderfully. Her vocals are what truly makes the track what it is.

On the live version of the track, the singer explains;

“I knew I wanted to record something 100% live, because to me that is where the magic happens. I invited Jonas Pap (known for his work with singer Sevdaliza and Red Limo String Quartet) on cello to join me and my producer Serge Dusault (on Wurlitzer). When me and the production team (Rauwkost Film) talked about locations, we soon came up with the idea to shoot outside, because that is where I feel most free. We shot this video in Rotterdam – a city close to my heart, because it is where I took my first serious steps in music: studying at the Conservatory, my first big gigs, my first band, etc. ‘Easier to Fight’ is about feeling lost in a relationship, not knowing where you stand. Should you fight for it or give up and let go? It’s that feeling of being stuck in the twilight zone, which is why it felt magical to perform this song during actual twilight, at blue hour.

As mentioned previously, Lilith released an EP back in May. The singer is exploring various genres, from Jazz to Pop and Soul, and is heavily influenced by Lizz Wright, Jeff Buckley, and Norah Jones as well as Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, and Madeleine Peyroux.

If you enjoy chilling out to stunning soulful music, then Lilith Merlot is the one for you. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for further updates!

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