Jacklyn Launches Video for ‘Dead Romance’

Jacklyn has dropped her brand new single including encapsulating visuals for her latest track ‘Dead Romance’!

Jacklyn was born in West London and is a singer songwriter, layering influences of Soul & R&B melodies with a contemporary pop sound. Studying at the BRIT school and always taking an interest in music, Jacklyn has created her own sound and messaged through her songs.

The songstress has been supported by many streaming service including playlist adds to New Music Friday on Spotify, as well as playlists on Amazon, Deezer, and YouTube Music.

When discussing the new track, Jacklyn said:

“Dead romance captures the experience of being in a relationship that gradually loses its spark because of your partner’s lack of effort. It’s the realisation that, after emotionally distancing yourself from the relationship, they finally attempt the effort you had always desired, only to find that it’s too late to mend what’s broken. I wrote this song to serve as a breakup anthem, empowering you to embrace your self-worth and find confidence in your own company.”

‘Dead Romance’ is a fierce message dripped in female empowerment, and realising when to let go of a situation. realising your worth can be a massive relief, and Jacklyn has created the perfect track to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Jacklyn is the voice that many like to hear – and promotes the idea of knowing when a relationship is truly over, and accepting the fact. Girl power is at the soul of her dreamy soundscapes, so if you’re looking for a new feel good artist to sink your teeth into, Jacklyn is the one for you!

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