Tom Walker Returns with ‘Burn’

Photo: Ed Cooke

Tom Walker has returned with his fierce new single ‘Burn’. You can check it out on all major streaming platforms!

With a Number One album and a Brit Award in 2019 under his belt, Tom Walker burst onto the music scene with a whopping two million worldwide album saels and over three billion global streams.

Since this, he’s taken some time to work out what his music really means to him and realise his worth. With the imminent pressures and high expectation, Tom became exhausted of the stress that many feel in music music industry. When discussing this time, he said:

“I had just done seven days of rehearsal in a row, straight into a UK tour, then into 2 weeks of writing, worked my arse off every hour, of every day for months. When the powers that be came back having a dig at the songs I’d poured my heart and my soul into, I absolutely lost it. I honestly thought ‘I’m going to have to call it a day with music, it was making me miserable’ I was angry, and you can hear that in ‘Burn’. In many lines of work, music included, you give it everything and sacrifice every other aspect of your life and it’s never enough.”

Now, Tom is back and his music is more passionate than ever. ‘Burn’ has an essence of desperation from the first note, and is complimented in the best way with Tom’s raw vocals. The feeling of losing control and fighting for how you believe you should be treated can often go unnoticed, and this is a great track to listen to if you’re ever feeling under appreciated! The ballad like-vibe is sandwiched in between the madness and is a great concoction for the overall feel of the song.

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