Federico Aubele Shares New Track ‘What We Lost’

Federico Aubele has released his brand new single, ‘What We Lost’. It is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Federico’s unique voice compliments the almost-talk vocals of the track from the beginning. Filled with passion, the lyrics are the perfect blend to compliment the gut wrenching backing track.

He is truly an artist who knows his sound, and knows exactly what sets him a part from other artists. ‘What We Lost’ is pure and genuine proof of this!

When discussing the new single, Federico shared:

“It’s about notion of who we are and how we’re inclined to recreate, consciously or subconsciously, those moments that moved, transformed and defined us. In some cases, these moments can recall situations and people whom we lost: romantic partners, friends and family, childhood, a first love experience. By reviving them we prevent them from dissolving and being forgotten but at the same time they can keep us stuck in the past, like a ghost—a moment that repeats over and over and is unable to leave the house it’s in.”

As well as the new track, Federico has thrilled fans with the announcement of his long awaited 7th studio album ‘Time Drips On My Bed’. With the promise of 2 singles before its’ release, keep your eyes peeled on 13th October for the 11 tracked LP! You can find the track list below, which song are you most looking forward to?:

01. What We Lost
02. Like Fire
03. Silent Film
04. Back No More
05. Suspended Days
06. Solitary Moon
07. Time Drips on my Bed
08. Videos
09. Distant Cloud
10. 20 Steps
11. Lonely House

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