Ashley Anne Drops Infectious New Track ‘Fake Tan’

Here is one for all you country fans. Nashville-based artist, Ashley Anne, has recently shared her new track titled “Fake Tan.”

“Fake Tan” is a highly infectious single that will keep you on your toes. It’s upbeat, catchy, and the lyrics are relatable to just about anyone that hears it. Ashley wrote the song and was inspired by her own, personal feelings and observations of how people see themselves. The aim of “Fake Tan” is to allow those who are afraid to be themselves, and showing them that there is no fear in being who you are. Just go out into the world and be your true self.

On the track, Ashley Anne explains;

Fake Tan is an upbeat, exciting, feel-good song I wrote in hopes to reach girls who love a good tan and hate a fake man. It was inspired by people who just were afraid to be themselves. It got me thinking about how I showcase myself truly without fear of embarrassment and how others should do the same. This song is just a good time, a summer drive with the windows down, a beach day with the gals, and hopefully a strong message to just always be unapologetically yourself!

Ashley’s career as a country artist is already on its way up. Before “Fake Tan,” she released “Get Well Soon” and “Dear Dolly” – both of which have received high praise from critics, and also country fans looking for something new and fresh. From this, she has already gained quite a dedicated following. Her music showcases her unique talent for storytelling within her lyrics, meaning that there is a lot more to come from the country songstress.

“Fake Tan” can now be streamed via all major streaming platforms, and you can follow Ashley Anne on TikTok and Instagram!

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