Krooked Kings Reveal Music Video for ‘Sick of Being Young’

Krooked Kings have just released their new album “All Out Of Good Days,” and to follow up the release, the band have revealed the music video for their single “Sick of Being Young.”

Krooked Kings certainly have an interesting backstory to their music careers. The grass roots band were all raised under Mormon faith before they then made the decision to leave their religion behind and embrace the world of music. They formed back in 2019 when members attended college together at the University of Utah. They signed to the LA independent label Nobody Gets It Records in 2020, with the release of the breakout single “96 Subaru” not long after. Their debut amassed an astonishing 3 million streams to date! The band explain;

‘We’re just five guys from Utah making music both for pleasure and to process our experiences of the world. This album is a scrapbook of thoughts and feelings bound to the time we wrote it. It’s about the weird time between college and the rest of your life and everything that surrounds that. About how utterly confusing, depressing, and joyful it can be.’

Now, they have blessed us with all new music. Their single “Sick of Being Young” talks of the frustrations of being a young person. The constant judging from others who feel that they know better when the band are happy with being where they are. The music video is set in a school and expresses the frustration explained in the track perfectly. The video is now available to view via Youtube below;

There will be far more coming from Krooked Kings including their massive headline North American tour. To keep up to date with what they are up to, you can follow them on Tiktok and Instagram!

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