Caesar Spencer Drops ‘Hail Caesar’ + ‘Broken By The Song’

Caesar Spencer has releases a new double AA side single featuring two perfect tracks. It’s available to listen on major streaming platforms!

Caesar Spencer is an Englishman who was born in Peru with Swedish roots. He has since found himself in France and has loved the country ever since. With a passion for music and his surroundings, Caesar details his love for the world around him through his music.

‘Hail Caesar’ will have you hooked from the start with its’ intense backing track featuring the perfectly timed clash of instruments. A fabulous listen inspired by ‘Misirlou’ by Dick Dale, and serves as a gorgeous introduction to the album ‘Get Our Into Yourself’.

When discussing the new release Caesar said:

“As much as I like creating and performing I am also simply a huge music fan. And that’s the whole point of this song. To acknowledge how music can carry you through the darkest moments in your life. In that sense I think your musical heroes do become your close confidantes reminding you that everything’s going to be ok. This was also a great opportunity for me to acknowledge all those records and to include them in the Broken By The Song illustration which you see in the booklet accompanying the album. All the album illustrations are by French artist Thierry Beaudenon.”

‘Broken By The Song’ is a completely different tone and the two complement each other perfectly. This track has some really lovely vocals from Caesar with its’ passionate lyrics. It feels like the perfect Sunday morning listen, and has good vibes in the most heartbreaking way!

You can find both tracks on the recently released ‘Get Out Into Yourself’ album, here’s the track list:

i. hail caesar (feat. gilles tandy & jean felzine)
ii. get out into the pigs
iii. isn’t that what jimi said (feat. jean felzine & jo wedin)
iv. when i whisper in your ear (feat. mareva galanter)
v. jane loves the highway (feat. gilles tandy)
vi. requiem
vii. cult of personality
viii. broken by the song
ix. waiting for sorrow (feat. jacqueline taïeb) 
x. get out into yourself
xi. knew that one day (feat. jean felzine & jo wedin)

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