Bava Releases Incredible New Single ‘Itsy Bitsy’

“Itsy Bitsy” is the fantastic, debut single by singer-songwriter, and producer, Bava! It’s bold. It’s catchy. It’s playful. It’s everything you want to hear in a pop song!

Whilst listening to the track, your inner sass will shine through. It’s a perfect song to strut your stuff to on a make-believe catwalk, and give you just the right amount of confidence to want to achieve anything. Perfect for the gym, or if you’re out on a jog, or even if it’s just for a confidence boost. “Itsy Bitsy” is filled with energy that is contagious to anyone who hears it. The track was written alongside KillaGraham, and was already teased by Bava to her small, yet growing fanbase. On the single, Bava explains;

Itsy Bitsy is bold, unapologetic, cheeky and cute with intricate production that was lovingly yet painstaking to create . But most of all, it’s fun! It’s my first release as an artist and I wrote it at a time when I felt disempowered and needed to escape into a fantasized 1000ft tall boss version of myself taunting the one who hurt me. I hope it brings confidence and joy to everyone who listens.

Itsy Bitsy is an introduction to me as an artist. My music goes between kind of feisty, ear-wormy, and flirtatious. I love blending the organic with the digital, so there’s real recorded cello and subway sounds mixed with digital drums and stylized synthetic effects.” 

A music video was released alongside the debut single, and it has the same amount of energy as the song does! It can be viewed via YouTube below;

Although this is her debut single, Bava is no stranger to the music industry. Bava has written for some of the most famous names in the pop world including DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna, and Selena Gomez. Whilst she’s done a remarkable job on putting her stamp on a variety of different artists music, she is now ready to get her own stuff out there. She knows exactly what the pop industry needs currently, and she is likely to go far because of this.

Bava has a lot more up her sleeve, so be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok! “Itsy Bitsy” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

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