Marti West Releases ‘Somebody New’

Marti West has dropped brand new banger ‘Somebody New’. The new track is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Born in Tuscany to a family of musicans, Marti West is currently based in London. The artist is an Anglo-Italian singer and songwriter, who has built his music career over the last 6 years creating gorgeous indie folk mixed with ethereal harmonies.

‘Somebody New’ offers a really familiar sense of security, the backing track is upbeat but the lyrics are heart breaking. The difference between the two makes this a really interesting and passionate listen, accompanied by Marti Wests’ vocals which are second to none in this release.

When discussing the new track, Marti said:

“‘Somebody New’ is about coming to terms with a relationship that has broken down. The lyrics portray a sense of denial about the ending of the relationship and paranoia about a partner moving on. Sometimes in these times we can think or act irrationally, and ‘Somebody New’ is about those little moments of madness – and dancing through the pain.

Describing the feeling of finding it difficult to get over someone or a situation, Marti paints the picture perfectly. The wondering of what someone is up to and if they have yet met someone else is daunting, and a feeling listeners know all too well.

If ‘Somebody New’ is anything to go by, fans and listeners are certainly in for a treat with the announcement of Martis’ new album. ‘Talking to Strangers’ is due to be released on 28th April, and promises to bring more gut-wrenching, heart-felt tracks to vibe with. You can find the track list for ‘Talking to Strangers’ below:

1. Always
2. Nobody Knows Me (Like You)
3. Out Of My Head
4. Talking To Strangers
5. Circles
6. Out Of My Hands
7. Somebody New
8. Most Of The Time
9. We Could Be Good Together

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