REVIEWRAYE Drops New Album ‘My 21st Century Blues’

Photo Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson

RAYE has finally dropped her debut album ‘My 21st Century Blues’. You can listen on all major streaming platforms!

RAYE has become a huge name in the music industry, and she’s finally celebrating the release of her debut album ‘My 21st Century Blues’. With important messages and a range of topics, RAYE has released one of the best albums of 2023, and it’s only February!

After a brief introduction, RAYE tells us to drop our phones and focus as we head into ‘Oscar Winning Tears’. This song describes the feeling of realising that the one you once thought you loved was not who you thought they were, a feeling some of our readers know all too well.

‘Black Mascara’ has the catchiest backing track, and will have you hooked from the beginning. With its’ change in tempo and pace, it’s thrilling to not know where the track is going on the first listen. ‘Escapism.’ is already a huge one for RAYE, and the viral figures are mad. It’s since had 5.65 billion views, as well as 1 million original TikTok creations and 325 million worldwide streams.

‘The Thrill Is Gone’ is audibly pleasing, with the soft vocals from RAYE. Similarly, the pace is up and down in a really exciting way and helps to build tension throughout the track. ‘Flip A Switch.’ has a feel good vibe, and is a great listen for a situation where you want to take back control.

‘Environmental Anxiety’ is an absolute eye opener in terms of the world we live in and the state of the planet. This is a really brilliant topic to write a song about, as Raye reaches out to her audience and makes them aware it isn’t too late to make environmentally friendly changes. ‘Worth It’ is GORGEOUS and a super easy listen, it will have you up and dancing in no time.

The album closes with ‘Fin’, a beautiful send off spoken from RAYE herself. As she goes through her dedications, this is a really lovely, personal touch, and really makes you feel like you’re on the journey with her.

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