REVIEW – Sugababes Drop ‘The Lost Tapes’

Sugababes have thrilled fans with the recent drop of their new collection of hits, ‘The Lost Tapes’. It’s available to listen to on Spotify!

2022 was a huge year for Sugababes, as their comeback with the original line up took Glastonbury by storm. A headline tour followed, with the girls performing to packed crowds featuring old and new material. Now, they have released a glorious new album of the songs we’ve missed over the years!

The album kicks off with ‘Drum’ which clearly shows a new vibe from the trio. Their husky low tones make this one a gorgeous listen, with the perfect clashing of instruments throughout. A couple of tracks later we have ‘Love Me Hard’. Solidifying their vocals and harmonies, it will have you feeling anxious but in a good, gut wrenching way!

‘Metal Heart’ feels more like the classic Sugababes sound that fans have grown to love over the years. The track describes the feeling of trying to get through to someone and it falling on deaf ears when they have a ‘metal heart’.

‘No Regrets’ has more of an acoustic vibe towards the beginning, but soon picks up the pace. Filled with heartfelt lyrics and colourful word play, it creates a feeling of humbleness supported by the lyrics. ‘I’m Alright’ is a track to acknowledge how to stand on your own two feet and reclaim your independence. The moment of realisation that you can depend on yourself is bittersweet!

‘Back in the Day’ is a slower vibe and shows off the perfect blend of voices from the three singers. A true moment of reflection on childhood and growing up. ‘Breath Me’ is a glorious cover originally performed by Sia. It really is a beautiful listen.

The album unwinds with its final track ‘Only You’. An upbeat number to give ‘The Lost Tapes’ the best send off.

Overall, the collection is a whirlwind and mixture of emotions. It’s safe to say that Sugababes are back with a mix of their own signature sound with a modern twist. We can’t wait to see where this new era takes them!

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