Louis Tomlinson Drops ‘Faith In The Future’

Louis Tomlinson has dropped his brand-new album ‘Faith In The Future’. You can listen to the new collection on Spotify!

The album starts with a strong opening in the form of ‘The Greatest’. It is incredibly motivating and confirms the signature sound of the artist. ‘The Greatest’ is the perfect set up for the rest of ‘Faith In The Future’. A couple of tracks later is ‘Bigger Than Me’. Promoting that change can be a positive, this is a great one to support you through any transition.

‘All This Time’ is launched into a chilled vibe from the beginning and shows off Louis’ vocals perfectly. His soft approach works so well with the back track. This album showcases how the singer can belt it out as well as offering a more intimate sound. ‘Headline’ is full of fun lyrics, with many metaphors. A song suitable for all playlists!

‘She Is Beauty We Are World Class’ has a build-up of tension from the start. If you like a track with constant growth as it plays, this is certainly one for you. ‘Holding Onto Heartache’ is a reflective tune that will have you thinking ‘what if?’! Sometimes it can be easy to wallow when you’re going through a breakup or difficult time, but this collection of tracks will certainly help you move on.

‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ ends the track perfectly and if anything, is a bit of a wake up call. The final song is focussed on moving on from a situation, and forget about the past.

Overall, ‘Faith In The Future’ is a true series of hits to suit all moods and feelings. Louis Tomlinson has reaffirmed his place in the music world, and we can’t wait to hear it continue.

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