The Santa Clause Series Premieres on Disney+!

The well-loved “Santa Clause” films starring Tim Allen is a Christmas favourite in every household every year. Now, the story continues in a brand-new series on Disney+!

The original film was released all the way back in 1994, and it told the story of Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), and his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd), and their surprise christmas adventure. Scott works in the toy business, yet he’s not one to get involved in the Christmas spirit. When Charlie spends the night at his house on Christmas Eve, they hear a loud thud coming from the roof. After investigating, Scott accidently startles the current Santa that is on his roof, causing him to fall off. He then puts on his suit and from there, he is the new Santa Clause.

It’s a wonderful Christmas take that went for another three films. Now, Disney+ have created a new series that takes the story even further. The first two episodes premiered on the site this week, with one episode going up every week after. The series shows Scott considering retirement after thirty years of being Santa. His concerns start when he starts to lose his magic. The cast and creators have done a fantastic job of demonstrating modern day issues that Santa might face. Less people are believing, more people are buying their gifts online, even calling a child “naughty” is considered as problematic.

Currently all is well in the North Pole but, did Scott retire too soon? It’s certainly an interesting concept with the original cast still participating in the series. If you enjoyed the films, then you will absolutely adore the series! Now available to stream only on Disney+!

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