INTERVIEW – Jo O’Meara Shares All!

Jo O’Meara has very recently released a phenomenal cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, to raise money for GOSH.

With so much excitement around the release, Jo explains why ‘Thriller’ is so important, as well as what the future holds;

We’re really excited about the release of Thriller. What made you decide to cover that track in particular? 

With Halloween just around the corner and “Thriller” turning 40 this year it seemed to the perfect song to release for Charity! I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Were there any other covers you thought about for the release before deciding on the Michael Jackson classic?

There are so many songs you could cover ,as there are so many brilliant songs out there in the world! But this one is particularly special as it’s a Classic and timeless, so it was the obvious choice!

The release is a single to raise money for an incredible charity. Can you tell me more about that? 

The single is being released for the fantastic GOSH who are just incredible!! The work they do is just phenomenal, but there are always new treatments to be found and equipment needed in aid for them to do there jobs! It is vital they get the support from all of us, so if we can help in a small way then I think that’s amazing.

Speaking of covers, you’ve released some incredible S Club bangers in your ‘Unplugged’ releases. What made you want to put a new spin on these? 

It was very important for me to feature some s club tracks in my solo career, as it it where I came from And I owe a lot to the band! I decided to do the more unplugged versions to create a sound that was original for me, and to show the songs off on a different light.

It’s been a little over a year since the release of your album ‘With Love’. What was your favourite track to write and record and why? 

I loved every moment making that album, it was a personal journey discovering my sound and writing about subjects close to my heart! I think maybe ‘On the Surface’ was the one I was most proud of as it was a message to let people know, it is important to talk if your not in a good place!

Similarly, which song is your favourite from the collection to perform live and why

I love singing the acoustic version of ‘Don’t Stop Movin”, people seem to really enjoy it!

You’ve performed at a series of packed venues over the last year. How has performing to an audience changed since you first took the stage back in the 90s? 

I’ve loved performing over the past year! The acoustic sets I have really loved ! I think it’s changed a lot since I first started as I have grown up and know who I am as a solo artist my audience have grown with me and it’s like we are all on this journey together , which is really lovely.

How have you seen the music industry change over the years? 

Wow that has thrown me haha! I’ve been asked so many questions that it’s hard to think of a new one!

What’s one question that you would like to be asked, but nobody ever does?

Wow that has thrown me haha! I’ve been asked so many questions that it’s hard to think of a new one!

Can you answer the above question? 

I would love to be asked something I’ve never been asked before!

Finally, what does the future hold for you and your music? 

There is a lot of exciting things planned for 2023 and I am so excited! There will be lots more new music, a new album and a few things I am not allowed to share just yet! But watch this space.

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