TOKEO Drop The Insane ‘I.A.F.D’

TOKEO have released their brand new and incredibly relatable single ‘I.A.F.D.’ It is now available to listen to on Spotify!

TOKEO consists of Ed Hopwood on lead guitar, Rory Kelly on Vocals, Ant Moore on bass, while Joey Kulbat handles rhythm guitar and complete with Ben Child covering drums. Hailing from Rochdale, the band offer raw music with relatable messages and lyrics.

Going for a night out in the UK is a somewhat interesting experience. No matter what time you set off, you’re bound to see the staff parties, heart to hearts in the smoking area, and those already calling it a night with a bundle of cheesy chips.

The bass will have you hooked from the beginning, as more instruments join and is later on met by the passionate vocals from Rory Kelly. With it’s catchy backing track, the song will keep you on your toes throughout its duration.

When discussing the track, Rory said:

“The name of this song compares people who use cocaine in pubs to human dodgems, navigating a night out bumping into different social situations. Whenever we play this song live I always quote that, “Some of us know this person, some of us have seen this person and some of us have been this person”. This is why the lyrics of this song cover the internal monologue of someone finding themselves in a cycle of self destruction brought on by an inability to find their purpose or place in the world. We hope that people can find a little bit of themselves within this track, as unsympathetic as we have written the central character of this song. The concepts of self sabotage and having a lack of purpose are ideas we believe all have, or will experience at some point in our lives. As with many of the songs we create, we find often the most interesting and entertaining perspectives are the most chaotic.”

With so many reasons to spiral in the world right now, the powerful message brought by the song depicts how easy it can be to lose control of yourself. It can be hard to see a purpose and a way of moving forward in such at such a great time.

Luckily, TOKEO will have you feel not alone in this.

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