Lewis Capaldi Drops Music Video for New Single ‘Forget Me’

Everyone’s favourite Scottish star, Lewis Capaldi, has recently released his brand-new single titled “Forget Me.”

Lewis is known for writing heart-wrenching lyrics in the most beautiful way imaginable. “Forget Me” is no exception to the rule although, this time it’s slightly more upbeat than is most famous ballads. Lyrically, the singer explains a situation after a break-up. That feeling of being forgotten and realising that this is worse than being remembered badly. He would rather she was filled with regret about the relationship, than the relationship to be forgotten about altogether.

A music video was recently dropped alongside the release. In true Lewis Capaldi style, he added a bit of humour to the seriousness of the song. It’s a video like no other, and it truly is just brilliant. The video can be found below;

After the global success of his previous album – which saw his biggest hits “Someone You Loved,” “Hold Me While You Wait,” and “Before You Go” – the singer decided to take some time out of the limelight to work on new material. Now, he’s back and finally giving us all a chance to take a listen to what he’s been working on all this time.

“Forget Me” is the first snippet that he’s teasing us with and, it’s fair today, he did not disappoint. The aesthetic and mood is stunning, Lewis has stuck to his roots whilst also giving his style a modernised twist. The single is a beautiful addition to his discography and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the future.

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