Daya Releases New Single ‘Her’

Daya returns with an incredible new single titled “Her.” It’s a track that will have you dancing and reminiscing.

“Her” is an upbeat single with a highly relatable meaning behind the lyrics. It talks about unintentionally allowing the memories you have of a past relationship affect how you proceed in the future. It’s a situation that most listeners would have been in, and are likely to have on repeat just because they relate to it so much. It’s perfect for anyone’s playlist.

Whilst it talks about something that’s quite raw, Daya has the ability to use her talent to turn a sad situation into a catchy anthem that you just can’t get enough of. Her unique vocals are filled with feeling, and she makes it look effortless. It just flows perfectly with the beat. It’s like a massage for your ears. The songstress explains;

“‘Her’ is pretty explicitly about being consumed by memories of a previous lover after a relationship ends. even when getting intimate with someone else. It’s in those moments that it’s been hardest for me to move on, and I really wanted the track to convey how paralyzing it can all feel in the moment, which is why the second half descends into what feels like some sort of a disorienting bad dream.”

A visual was dropped alongside the track which is now available to view below;

“Her” is the latest single to be released ahead of her new EP “In Between Dreams” – which is due to be out on Friday the 16th of September. Fans had a glimpse of the EP when the singer shared “Love When You’re Gone” – a track that will also feature on the EP.

Daya is on a role currently and there is only more exciting things to come. To keep up to date with what she is up to, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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