Saving Vice Release Cover of ‘Angels & Demons’

Credit - Ian Urquhart

Saving Vice have recently released their cover of jxdn’s hit track “Angels & Demons.”

“Angels & Demons” has been a band favourite for sometime, so Saving Vice decided now was the time to put their own spin on it. In the original version, the track has all the elements of the perfect pop-punk single. The band brought it up a notch by emphasising more on the “punk” style. Whilst the song is still recognisable, the band were able to successfully make it their own. A sign of a good cover is where you can vamp it up to fit your style, without taking away what made the original track so popular in the first place. And they did just that perfectly. Vocalist Tyler Small explains;

” We chose the song because it’s a really massive modern emo song. We also felt that it translated well into some of the sounds we’re experimenting with and we thought it’d be something to bridge our fanbases with mainstream fanbases.”

To make the cover even more personal to them, guitarist Robbie Litchfield produced the track over at Hell Here Studios. It was then past on to Danny DiBella over at DiBella Recordings for mixing and mastering. Together, they were able to create a masterpiece that is simply addictive to listen to.

Saving Vice have a motto that they follow called “Eyes Up!” They’re a band from the state of Vermont – a place that often gets overlooked. This band however, are hard to ignore. After the release of their EP “Colder Than Dark,” they found a place at number 10 on the Billboard heatseekers chart, accumulated over 1.5 million streams on their debut LP “Hello There”, and have played a variety of major festivals with acts like Underoath and August Burns Red.

Overall, Saving Vice are a band that you don’t want to miss out on. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates! Their version of “Angels & Demons” are now available to stream on Spotify!

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