Confluence Drops ‘My Everything’

Confluence has dropped brand new track ‘My Everything’. The stunning new release is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Confluence is a London based house producer who has released the new hit via CNFLNC. He has a BA in music production, and DJ skills straight from Point Blank Music School. In total, he has ammased a huge 120 thousand streams across platforms, and the numbers continue to grow.

‘My Everything’ is produced incredibly with the perfect amount of drops with perfect timing. The beat is on point, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for his listeners. Confluence has been a big part of keeping House music on the map,

When discussing the new track, Confluence said:

“My Everything is a Progressive House and Melodic Techno track and a vibrant, positive and energetic track and I would describe it as my Summer Hit. I remember opening a random project that I started 2 years ago and decided to develop the idea and one week later, the track was completed. What inspired me when making My Everything is the vocal. At the beginning I wanted to use a vocal sample just to hear how it would sound if I was to work with a singer/songwriter and after finding the vocal line, I thought that this was actually perfect and from there I kept it and it became the official vocal of the track.”

Confluence has worked alongside some brilliant names and brands, performing alongside Alice et Moi at the Le Coq Sportif launch with Guerlain. He’s also performed at Camden’s favourite store ‘Cyberdog’.

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