Solis Drops Music Video for New Single ‘Jungle’

Solis is an Irish singer-songwriter who has just released a breathtaking new single titled “Jungle.”

“Jungle” has is a track with enchanting rhythms, dreamlike vocals, and simply beautiful lyricism. To coincide with the release of the single, Solis has dropped a music video which perfectly captures the feel of the track. The video has a charming aesthetic that fits with the songs theme down to a T. It proves that music videos can still be pleasing and entertaining to view, even when the idea is simplistic. The video is now available to watch below;

When speaking of the writing process of the song, the singer explains;

“I wrote this song when I realised there’s always an option, always a way out, the hardest part is realising that. The EP as a whole was written from a place where I didn’t feel I belonged and was dreaming of something else “Jungle” and “Osmosis” in particular are about living in the city and being part of the rat race, the never ending cycle of work and spend and very little time for living.” 

“Jungle” was taken off Solis’ most recent EP “Open.” “Open” is a 5-track EP where every song is just as stunning as the next. The EP begins with “Jungle” and is followed by “Be Together” – which is quite an eerie track the leaves a lasting impression on the listener. Then there is “Osmosis” which shows off the songstress vocals wonderfully as she sings on over a simple, yet powerful, guitar melody. “Mystic Man” is next where she explains that it “is about something very personal in my life with someone very close to me. It’s more of a realisation that just because someone is close to you at one stage in your life, doesn’t mean you won’t evolve to be in a completely different wavelength.” The EP ends on a high with “Jigsaw” – the last piece of a great collection of songs. “Open” is an EP definitely worth checking out. It is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms. On the EP, Solis says;

“I wrote these songs about 4 years ago. As soon as we finished recording, I had a really serious car accident which had me recovering for a very long time and I’m finally ready to release this body of songs. This EP ‘Open’, will be followed by a second EP shortly after, both EPs were intentionally written to follow each other and act as a big body of songs.” 

Solis is bound to have a few more tricks up her sleeve, and is likely to gig her new collection of songs. To keep up to date, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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