Rick and Michonne Return in The Walking Dead Spin-Off

It has been announced that much loved characters, Rick and Michonne Grimes will return to The Walking Dead in new spin-off show.

The San Diego Comic-Con of 2022 has brought many announcements and inside scoops on several projects over the last week. One of the most anticipated events, saw Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) join the rest of The Walking Dead cast in their final panel.

Since the first episode, the show has followed the life of Rick Grimes as he adjusts to the new world. Waking up from a coma to an empty hospital, the show has seen Rick at his best and worst. Reuniting with old friends and family and making new connections, as well as suffering many losses as the planet adjusted.

Andrew Lincolns’ run in the show ended in the fifth episode of season 9, where he sacrificed himself to the herd of walkers to protect those he loved. This lead them to believe he didn’t make it, however, he was whisked away in a helicopter and hasn’t been seen on the show since. The programme then saw a 6 year time jump immediately after his disappearance.

Rick found a new love in Michonne and began to grow their family together. Danai Gurira entered the show at season 2, and is currently one of the longest standing cast members. With the hope that Rick is still out there, Michonne left the show in season 10 to search for him.

The final season of The Walking Dead will conclude in October 2022, with the final part of season 11. Fear not – as well as the new spin-off, there is also another series based Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) venturing to New York together.

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