Surfaces Drop ‘What’s Been On Your Mind?

Surfaces have released their brand new banger ‘What’s Been On Your Mind?’. It’s available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Based in Texas, Surfaces are a duo made up of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki. The two formed back in 2017, with Forrest focused on vocals and production while Colin took to writing and arrangements.

The track starts with the upbeat vibe that listeners have learned to love from Surfaces. With picture perfect lyrics, you’ll be dreaming up your own visuals in no time! ‘What’s Been On Your Mind?’ is incredibly catchy, and will have you humming along for days.

When discussing the track, Surfaces said:

’What’s Been On Your Mind?’ is a story of helping someone who needs to heal from a place that they can’t yet communicate about,”the duo say about the track. “At times when we’re hurting it feels selfish or vulnerable to open up to others and it’s often just easier to put up a facade. This story chases the idea that if you truly know and love someone, you’ll always be able to see through that face, that front, that safety net of words… and break down the walls that will lead to a healthier escape.”

Forever was to go to grow as artists, Surfaces look forward to what comes next with their sound. Forrest and Colin have been focusing on their vibe through isolation at a house in Joshua Tree.

The new single comes after ‘I Can’t Help But Feel’, which hit a crazy 14.5 million streams, and was quoted as “fresh, breezy and a lot of fun.” by Rolling Stone.

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