MIKA Releases Brand-New Single ‘Yo-Yo’

If you watched Eurovision this weekend, you would know that iconic singer MIKA presented and performed during the show. He put on a fantastic medley of four of his catchy songs that included all new single “Yo-Yo” which was released last week!

It’s fair to say that MIKA has a unique style of his own. It’s not difficult to pick out his songs, even you you haven’t heard them previously. His high vocal range and catchy beats make the perfect combination for us all to sing (very badly) along too. “Yo-Yo” is quite different from his previous songs, however it still has the singer’s signature sound. The beat can be felt deep in the chest, sending shivers down your spine when listening to it. It’s simplistic, but it works.

A retro-style lyric video was dropped alongside the release which can now be viewed below;

“Yo-Yo” was performed for the first time during this year’s Eurovision. MIKA had the honour of hosting the show this year as well as performing during the interval. As previously mentioned, he sang a medley of four of his songs alongside a massive production. He started with his fantastic song “Love Today” which made the crowd go instantly wild! He then moved onto to sing his well-loved debut single that was released “Grace Kelly” – which turned into a popular TikTok trend fifteen years after the release! “Yo-Yo” was next which allowed the viewers to hear it for the very first time, before ending the medley on an emotional note with “Happy Ending.” The performance was colourful, fun to watch, and what a showman MIKA is. Definitely worth watching back if you missed it;

“Yo-Yo” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms, and you can keep up to date with the star over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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