George Ezra Releases Video for ‘Green Green Grass’

George Ezra has dropped the new music video for ‘Green Green Grass’. The visual accompanying the banger is available to watch on YouTube!

George Ezra is a multi-platinum selling musician who has become increasingly popular throughout his career, known for his upbeat bangers and infectious voice. ‘Green Green Grass’ is the second track to be released from his upcoming album ‘Gold Rush Kid’, which is due to be released on 10th June via Columbia Records.

Starring a very handsome Mr Ezra, the video gives a fun listen and nothing but good vibes. We see him being present at a bank heist hosted by two unlikely subjects. If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your summer this is definitely up there, along with the rest of ‘Gold Rush Kid’ we imagine.

When discussing the new track, George said:

“I was on holiday in St Lucia with a few friends at Christmas 2018, with two of my closest mates from home,” explains George. “We were in this beach bar, drinking homemade rum punch and Piton, the local lager, flip-flopping between the two, pissing about with three local guys who worked there. And this music started up, three streets back from the sea. After about half an hour, I had to go see what it was. And there was a street party going on, with three different sound systems, people cooking in the street. I asked a woman what was going on and she told me it was a funeral – for three people. They were celebrating three lives! I thought: that is not how we do this at home. And it’s really beautiful.”

The music video was recorded in Los Angeles and directed by Isaac Ravishankara. It stars some big names, featuring Amy Stoch known for ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’, and Michele Matheson who starred in ‘Revenge of the Nerds 3’.

As well as new music, George has announced a massive nationwide UK arena tour that is schedules for September and October, as well as his biggest show to date in July at Finsbury Park in London.

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