Perenna Release Music Video for ‘Murals’

Alt-rock band, Perenna, have just dropped their fantastic music video for their single “Murals.” The single comes after the release of their debut album “Muses” which is out now!

Alternative music is not supposed to fit in a box. To be an alt artist, you must be able to entice your listener with deep stories in your lyricism, to get your beats stuck in their head, to use your artform to make an impact. Yes, this may be the case for every artist in any genre, but alternative rock allows you to expand even more so with it comes to topics and genres. You’re not just one artist, you can be many. Perenna are excellent at showcasing their music skills where they can fit into multiple genres, and not just being trapped inside one box. Their music style varies from touting jazz and blues, punk, and indie, and when you blend those together, you get a unique band that you won’t forget in a hurry.

“Murals” is a beautiful track that allows you to escape into the minds of the band. It explores the emphasis on human emotion. Not only do they do this lyrically, but also vocally. You can hear the emotion belt out through the vocals and instrumentation. You’re not only hearing the song, but you’re feeling it. The music video artistically captures that same emotion, making it a perfect match for the single.

Their album “Muses” was released in March, and the tracklist consists of songs that express the various reflections of the human condition that the members have all experienced throughout their lives. When musicians articulate their struggles through their art, you know it’s going to be relatable and one hell of a ride to listen to.

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