New Rules Return with New Single ‘Go The Distance’

New Rules are a band known for their highly catchy tracks that get stuck in your head to the point where it drives you insane…but that’s okay because it’s better to have a banger live in your head rent free, than a song you can’t stand. “Go The Distance” is a single you won’t mind having in your head day in, day out.

With summer approaching, us music lovers have been re-thinking our Spotify playlists. What is going to get us hyped in a heatwave? What’s the best soundtrack for road trips, sunny holidays, and warm nights hanging out with friends? New Rules have come to your rescue if you’re finding it hard to decide. Their new single is a no brainer. “Go The Distance” is a dance worthy track that will make you want to find a summer love. It’s difficult to not blast out of your speakers. You can have your whole neighbourhood dancing away.

When talking about the track, New Rules explain;

“The phrase, ‘go the distance,’ means a few things for us—it’s a theme we’ve touched on before and seems even more relevant now. We deal with distance when we’re on the road and we’re away from our loved ones. We also hope our new music goes the distance—to number one maybe!”

The band have recently announced that they we will be heading across the pond to perform two, intimate shows in LA and New York in June. Within just 48 hours, tickets had already sold out. US fans will be able to witness “Go The Distance” live as well as their other newly released singles  “Really Wanna Dance With You” and “Cheers.” 

The new track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms! To show further support, be sure to follow New Rules on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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