REVIEW: New Marvel Film ‘Mobius’ Comes to Cinemas

Morbius is released as your latest Marvel fix, recently dropped from the Sony universe. It’s available to watch in cinemas!

Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is born with a rare blood disease that doctors suggest will kill him by his teens. At this age one of his caretakers, Nick, (Jared Harris), realises what a clever child he is and pulls some strings to get him into full time education while still being looked after. This meant he had to say goodbye to all he knew, including his best mate with the same condition, Milo (Matt Smith).

These events lead to Morbius studying sciences and ground-breaking projects, eventually becoming a Biochemist. Focussed on curing his own disease, audiences see Morbius split the DNA of a specific bat, in order to attempt curing himself.

The result of this had damning effects. A little while after it is injected, he becomes one of the strongest beings we’ve seen in cinema history. With the ability to kill others and bash straight through walls, it wasn’t long until the effects wore off.

Throughout the film Morbius comes to realise that the effects are just as effective, however are lasting longer. He believed that this is because he is using fake blood that was created for his own research, but deep down knows that eventually this won’t be enough to keep him going. He will need to start drinking real blood, or he will die. Will he start hurting others to keep himself alive? The moral question is asked throughout the generation.

Morbius stayed in touch with his childhood friend Milo, after promising him as a child that he will find a cure for their rare blood disease. The events of the film lead to Milo finding out how Morbius has been living, without considering the effects it will have on the world around him.

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