Gabi DeMartino Releases ‘Broken Morning’

Gabi DeMartino has released her gorgeously accepting new track ‘Broken Morning’. The track is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Gabi truly doesn’t stop when it comes to her work and success. Known as a singer songwriter, actress, content creator and entrepreneur she truly shows no signs of slowing down. She has been influencing since 2012, collaborating on videos with her twin Niki. Since then, they have amassed over 9.5 million followers and over a billion views.

‘Broken Morning’ is a beautiful ballad that will hit you in the gut with its’ passionate lyrics. The vocals from Gabi are like no other, with such a powerful voice with soft tones at the same time. You’ll truly get whisked away for a few minutes with this song, with its’ story telling and fairytale vibe.

When discussing the new track, Gabi DeMartino said:

“It ultimately brought me peace. In that moment, I was not only trying to rationalize to myself how it’s just a bad morning and not a bad life, but that I can get through today just like I’ve gotten through other days. Sometimes we get stuck in routines that leave us unable to address our thoughts, emotions, or to simply grieve. Suppressing emotions to keep life going and feeling normal ultimately after the loss of my beloved 15 year old yorkie, Lily, led me to write this song. That was truly a broken morning for me.”

Excitingly, the next step for Gabi is a clothing collaboration with Shein. Fans hope that the new fashion line is as dreamy as her lyrics. We can imagine soft pastels and sweetheart necklines! The range debuted on 28th March.

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