Beren Olivia Drops ‘So Emotional’

Beren Olivia has dropped her brand new track ‘So Emotional’. The song is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Beren is an up and coming musical talent who inspires to write relatable music to different ages and fans. At only 23, she has spent the last 2 years independently releasing her own material and has now rescued over 7 million streams. She has proven to be very popular with some huge names such as Radio 1, Dork, 1883 and Clash.

The track starts with an intriguing sense of what is to come. Beren has an incredibly unique voice, with a soft approach but in a big belty way when she needs to! We can hear inspiration from Avril Lavigne and the pop punk genre, which is something you don’t hear all too often any more.

The entire song is a journey of emotion and self belief. Admitting your vulnerabilities is a huge step, and can lead to a huge weight lifted.

When discussing the new track, Beren said:

“Sometimes you’re too close to a situation to see it clearly and really understand it. That clarity will always find its way to you one way or another, it just might not be in the way you expect. That’s what happened to me during a conversation with my brother. He could see things that I couldn’t and at the time I was in denial about it, and that’s where the inspiration for ‘So Emotional’ came from.”

‘So Emotional’ was written by Beren and Dylan Bould in LA in November 2021. Showing how their musical talents combine in the most perfect way, this gorgeous track was written the first time they actually met each other in person.

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