Remi Wolf Drops Video for ‘Pool’ with Still Woozy!

“Pool” is the fantastic new single by the glorious Remi Wolf. She joined forces with Still Woozy to create a beautiful masterpiece.

In the single, Remi’s stunning vocals will keep you captivated from the get-go. She has a way of transporting into a dream-like state you don’t want to snap yourself out of. Still Woozy adds his incredible voice to the mix and together, they make the ultimate dream team. Their vocals blend so perfectly, it’s like they were soulmates. Remi Wolf explains;

“Pool was such a beautifully natural collaboration – and is a great reflection of how life can just so seamlessly turn into art. It perfectly showcases mine and Sven’s comfortability with each other and how both of our wildly different skill sets can create something that feels so true to both of us. We went into the writing process with the intention of being 100% honest and specific with where we were both at that day and I love how when I listen to the song it feels like a true time capsule to both of our life situations at the time.”

Still Woozy further adds;

“Pool came together in an afternoon of hanging out with Remi and Jared. It was one of the quickest written songs I’ve ever been a part of. Remi and I had been hanging out talking about life all morning, so the content for the song was fresh on our minds as we went to write. She recorded her verse in one take and we knew instantly it was something special.”

Alongside the single, they also released a music video in order to bring the enchanted song to life. It was directed by Haley Appell and has a charming home-video aspect to it. It shows the two artists in colourful sequences where they appear in different scenery. It may be a tad odd, yet it works with the feel of the song wonderfully.

Remi Wolf will be heading out on tour this year, including two UK dates. She has also joined forces with Crocs to launch and creative-direct a new campaign. The rest of the year looks like a busy year for the singer, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates! “Pool” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms.

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