Aubrey Haddard Shares New Single ‘Just A Wall’

Photo credit: Emmysu

Indie-pop singer-songwriter, Aubrey Haddard, has recently shared her brand-new single “Just A Wall” – and what a single it is!

Aubrey has has one of the most unique voices you will ever here. It has a memorable signature that is impossible to forget, making her music highly addictive to listen to. Pair her singing abilities with her wonderful way of storytelling within her lyrics, and you have just found yourself a new favourite artist to listen to.

“Just A Wall” is a perfect example of what the singer can do. It is truly mesmerizing, raw, and just all round a masterpiece. Lyrically, it is inspiringly creative. She was inspired by her interest in Greek mythology, she explains;

“‘Just A Wall’ is about searching for purpose. I was finding comfort in ancient stories, and started writing from a perspective outside of my own. In this case, the Greek myth of Orpheus, and particularly the Jean Cocteau film adaptation resonated with me, and chasing my muse. Bang a fist against the mirror”, this thing you’ve always believed in as your special calling, a reflection of you, and upon contact you find it really is just a wall, just someone searching for purpose, and you start to feel that self-acceptance that you always will be.”

The track was also released alongside a music video – which was directed by Josh Rob Thomas – can now be watched via YouTube below;

“Just A Wall” is the first snippet that we hear of the second LP Aubrey Haddard will be releasing. The full-length studio album will be available to stream everywhere on the 19th of August. If you are unable to wait that long, fear not, as it is now available to pre-order here. If you REALLY can’t wait that long…well…”Just A Wall” can be streaming on repeat via all major streaming platforms.

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