5SOS Release Dazzling New Single ‘COMPLETE MESS

5SOS – also known as 5 Seconds of Summer – have started a brand-new era after releasing their fantastic new single “COMPLETE MESS.”

The Aussie band have recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. In those years, the four lads have dropped banger after banger. With four albums under their belt, they have successfully capture the hearts of music lovers from all over the globe. Members Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin have also spent some time branching out on their own with their solo careers. The band have always been where their heart is however, and they are all ready for the next chapter in their career.

With every album released, you can hear the maturity levels with each song. Their first album was lovable, fun, and talked mostly about young love. As time went on and they experienced more life events, they were able to grow and capture the heartbreaks and lessons in the most beautiful way imaginable. “COMPLETE MESS” is all part of that journey. It still has that iconic 5SOS sound that we all know and love, yet it has developed once again as the band experiment with their lyricism and talents. A wonderfully satisfying music video was also released alongside the single, and can now be viewed via YouTube below;

Fans will be able to be a part of this new era as they head out on a world tour – for the first time in two years! They will be able to dance to the fun classics, sob at the heart-wrenching ballads, and watch in awe as they perform new tracks for the very first time. Tickets can be found via the bands website.

“COMPLETE MESS” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms. For more updates on what 5SOS are up to, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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