KILE J Releases New Single ‘Honey’

Kile J has released their brand new single ‘Honey’, breaking the gender norm and the boundaries that come with it. Listen now on Spotify!

Kile J is a non-binary artist who is proud to share who they are with the world. Based in New York City, they moved from everything they new back in Houston Texas to peruse their creative talents. Since then, Kile has worked with a number of top influencers in the industry.

They work hard to acknowledge the struggles for queer people of colour, allowing others with a similar experience to immerse themselves in music that they can relate to. ‘Honey’ showcases their vibe in the most infectious way, blending southern music, R&B, and modern pop.

‘Honey’ will throw you back to your feels and reflect on how you see yourself now, but also how you and others saw your childhood self. A song of reflection, and being proud of who you are and what you’ve done to overcome your fears. Appreciating that life is a journey, Kile explains how the person you are today is a reflection of where you’ve been. It’s also a really easy listen that would work for most playlists.

When discussing the new release, Kile J said:

“There are moments where you can only understand if you’re a part of the culture, and there’s also moments where I feel everyone can relate to it in some way. The underlying theme of the project is to tell black queer love stories authentically; not only ones about loving others, but ones about loving yourself as well.”

As a talented performer, Kile has created nothing but buzz since launching their career on the music scene. CMJ has previously ranked their musical project Trak Joy on their 25 best songs of the week. They have also had their own feature on BuzzFeed, to discuss all things gender queer and pop culture related.

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