REVIEW – Dustin Lynch Releases Album ‘Blue In The Sky’

Dustin Lynch has finally released his brand new album ‘Blue In The Sky’. You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms!

With his carefree attitude and ready for a party at a moment notice, Dustin Lynch has returned with a 12 track album and fans are already discussing their favourites. Dustin shares with his listeners the importance of taking every day as it comes and taking chances.

The album starts strong with ‘Party Mode’. This track will take you back to your favourite times and memories, spent with friends and loved ones. A gorgeous song of reflection. when discussing the music video for this track, Dustin said:

“This video was such a blast to shoot! Bringing my buddies, Cornbread and Corbin, down to Florida to get rowdy with me – that’s the good stuff. If y’all know us, you know we like to keep it in “Party Mode” year-round, so if you run into us out on the town … we’ve got the first round!”

‘Somethin’ That Makes You Smile’ shows of Dustins’ vocal range in a beautiful way. This one is all about living life to the full, knowing that your days on this earth are numbered and to make every moment count.

A couple of tracks later is ‘Tequila On A Boat’ and features Chris Lane. If you’re looking for a track to get you excited for summer or an upcoming holiday, this is the one for you! Extremely catchy with the perfect clash of vocals.

‘Back Road TN’ has a different kind of vibe but just as addictive. This one in particular shows how brilliant the production is for the album. The timing, the placement, and the vocals are an absolute dream to listen to.

The album concludes with ‘Not Every Cowboy’, and is a gorgeous close to the album. A song about change and acceptance, teaching a valuable lesson to all its’ listeners.

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