Lights Announces New Album and Releases ‘Salt and Vinegar’

Alt-pop star, Lights, has recently announced that she will be releasing her highly anticipated new album “PEP” on the 1st of April! In order for fans to get excited, she has dropped her brand-new single “Salt and Vinegar.”

“Salt and Vinegar” showcases Lights unique vocals in the best way possible. Throughout the track, the sound changes slightly keeping you hooked from the moment the play button is pressed. It makes an impression instantly. The sass in the way she delivers the lyrics will make you feel unstoppable – it’s a power that not many artists possess, but this alternative queen makes it look easy. Lights explains;

“I’ve never understood the task more than I did when I was making this record. My vision feels complete, and every single component comes from this very intense evolution I’ve experienced in my personal life over the last few years. We’re all products, we all market ourselves every single day. The idea behind PEP is if you’re going to brand yourself, then brand yourself to happiness.

A bright and wacky music video was released alongside the single which perfectly matches the energy of the song. The video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

This is only a taster of what is to later come as she plans on releasing a whole new album in April. “PEP” sees thirteen wonderful tracks featuring “Salt and Vinegar,”  Real Thing feat. Elohim, and  Prodigal Daughter – both of which were unleashed in December. All three singles so far only gets fans even more excited to hear the rest of the album. The full tracklisting can be found below, and “PEP” is now available for pre-order here!

PEP Tracklisting:

1.      Beside Myself

2.      In My Head

3.     Prodigal Daughter

4.     Salt and Vinegar

5.     Money in the Bag

6.     Jaws

7.     Rent

8.     Sparky

9.     Real Thing (feat. Elohim)

10.   Easy Money

11.   Okay Okay

12.   Voices Carry

13.   Grip

For further updates, be sure to follow Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! “Salt and Vinegar” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

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